Speaking where the bible speaks, and silent where the bible is silent.

I have published over 3,000 sermons which have been seen by over 1 million viewers in over 250 countries. I have covered just about every subject possible and some more than once. Beginning today, there will not be any more daily sermons posted. There will be Biblical artwork, the occasional sermon, and short biblical messages.

As long as God gives me the health and strength I will be laboring in the service of the Lord to deliver His message, His Word, without deviating from it. I am changing my direction in how to deliver His Word but never changing what that message will say. May God bless everyone who reads and gains insight from these sermons I have posted over these last few years. I hope a chosen few will spread them from the ends of the earth in whatever capacity is given them. I also hope many will enjoy the biblical art work presented on this site. I hope also you help me spread them that others may see them and be enriched from them even as I hope you are as well.

May God bless you and keep you,
Alfred Shannon,
Servant of God

Comments on: "This Is An Announcement:" (4)

  1. RButler said:

    I will miss your sermon each day. I have forwarded many to others. Ron

  2. Diane L Dixon said:

    God Bless, I have learned so much from your lessons and have shared them with others. Thank you

  3. Pamela K Wilfong-Gill said:

    I have enjoyed your daily writings and am looking forward to your new artwork.. Praying you leave your writing here for us to look through when ever we want.. Thank You for Sharing God’s Word with all of us… pam wilfong-gill

  4. gravatorbiblestudy said:

    Praying that God will overcome any fleshly infirmities with the same power as he has overcome in the Spirit.

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