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Enjoying The Pleasures Of Sin For A Season

We live in a world where men are marrying men, and women are marrying women; A world where men are becoming women, and women are becoming men by the means of surgeons; A world where homosexuality is being condoned by governments, families, and churches.

We live on a planet where adultery is being committed and lived in by more than half the population. Too many think that they have a God-given right to be married more than once without the restrictions of the scripture (Matt 19:9 f 1 Cor 7:39). Adultery has entered the churches and has taken over many pulpits and elderships.

Fornication, sexual relations outside the bonds of marriage, is more common than marriage itself. Society has accepted those who do everything a married couple does, except be legally married to one another. To the wicked, it’s all about love, desire, and being happy. They have ceased to remember, or never have learned, that they who do such wickedness shall not inherit the kingdom of heaven (1 Cor 6:9,10 f; Gal 5:19-21).

Too many are seeking self-gratification of the flesh as opposed to seeking first the kingdom of heaven (Matt 6:33). Too many are saying that they want the pleasures of sin now, over the promise of eternal life later (Heb 11:25 f; Tit 1:2).

Let us never forget that these kinds of abominations were true from the very beginning of time. Society was so evil in the days of Noah that God destroyed the earth by water, with the exception of Noah and his family. Sodom and Gomorrah were no more wicked than we are today, and God destroyed it by fire and brimstone. Babylon and Rome fell because of their decadence, and so will the nations which follow them. Nations that forget God are soon forgotten (Psa 9:17).

The eyes of the Lord are in every place, and he watches the evil and the good (Prov 15:3). This wicked world teaches its children a fantasy of Santa Claus who is able to know when we are good and bad, and yet forget that we have a God who can do so much more than we can ever imagine. God knows everything that we think, say, and do from the time we were born till the time that we die. What is worst, is that once we die we shall be judged by everything that we have done in our life according to the Word of God (Jn 12:48 f; 2 Cor 5:10).

Our Lord and Savior can’t save us until we first put away our sinful ways, and turn to God by our obedience to the gospel of Christ. If we have obeyed the gospel, yet have forsaken God’s Word, our worship and service to Him is in vain (Mt 15:7-9). Too many are living in sin and living it up, but living is sin isn’t living, it’s dying (Col 2:13). Actually, we don’t begin to live until we put our sins far from us, and take hold of the gospel of our salvation, and remain faithful to it (Eph 1:13 f; Rev 2:10).

The good news is that if we slay sin in our mortal flesh, and choose to bury this sin by baptism, we are raised cleansed from our sins to walk a new life with Christ (Rom 6:3,4). Once we have ceased from sin we begin to suffer even as Christ also suffered, that we should no longer live the rest of our lives in the lusts of the flesh, but to do the will of God (1 Pet 4:1,2). The choice is yours: Live in sin now and enjoy the world, or die to sin and forever reign with our Lord and Savior. Paul conclusively said, “For if we died with Him, we shall also live with Him. If we endure (suffer), we shall also reign with Him” (2 Tim 2:11-12). Do we suffer affliction with the people of God, or do we enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season? (Heb 11:25). Those who endure to the end shall receive a crown of life (Matt 10:22 ff; Jam 1:12; Rev 3:11).

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