Speaking where the bible speaks, and silent where the bible is silent.

To Be Holy Takes Time

Our World is filled with tons of immorality and it surrounds us each and every day. No one is immune from it. It is on your radio, your T.V.s, and your internet. You don’t even have to leave your house to be bombarded with it. So, how does one find the time to be holy when almost everything surrounding us is unholy?

Jesus Took Time To Be Holy

The first 30 years of Jesus’ life passed with little being revealed, except for His birth and the incident in the Temple when He was 12 years old (Luke 2). Jesus was busy once His ministry began, which lasted a space of 3 years. He took time to be holy by attending the weekly Sabbath worship for Jesus was born under the Law of Moses (Lk 4:16-32). He preached of His coming kingdom which began after his resurrection (Matt. 4:17). He went about doing good and performing miracles (Acts 10:31). However, in this very busy life, He separated Himself from others and from His necessary work for refreshment and communion with God the Father (Lk 6:12 ff; Matt. 14:23; Mk 6:46).

What Is Meant By: “Take Time To Be Holy?”

As Christians, we must realize that holiness (being holy) takes time. It does not just happen. It does not derive from an epiphany. It requires of us some quiet time of prayer, meditation, and reflection on spiritual matters as set forth in the Bible. We must possess the knowledge of God which comes as we grow” in the Scriptures (2 Pet 3:18). When we take time to be holy, we are taking time to be more like God, for He is holy.

While each life is filled with activities, we must use caution by prioritizing our time so that we do not make an idol of our daily activities. Activities can absorb us to where we overlook the needed and necessary spiritual values. We can soon neglect prayer, Bible study, and worship because we are too “busy” with other matters.

When John the Baptist was killed by Herod Antipas, Jesus upon hearing about it, “departed from there in a ship to a desolate place by Himself” (Matt. 14:13). Why? He needed and wanted time. He set an example for us to follow as we grow in the grace of God (2 Pet 3:18). He wanted time with God the Father. He needed quiet time to pray, to reflect, to refresh, and to meditate. One of the goals of the Christian ought to be holiness. We are to “be holy” (Eph. 1:4). Let us take time to be holy as He is holy (1 Peter 1:16). God expects this of each of His children. Our lives will be better for doing so.

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