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Dangers of Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol is an accepted part of American society. After all, so many popular, fashionable, and successful people are known to drink. Also, commercials, movies, advertisements, etc.. Plus, it has become so socially acceptable that one can be led to think it necessary to fit in. Indeed, many Christians work with or have as relatives those who cannot think of a social gathering without a bar or a “bring your own bottle” type of invitation. When we add to all of this the seemingly endless number of brands of hard liquor, wine, and beer available, the picture is complete. Intoxicants are popular, acceptable, and accessible in our world as it is today.

In light of the above facts, why would the child of God or any other person want to refrain from drinking? After all, it seems like a proper activity for anyone. Are there facts which would give us a view more balanced than that so apparent in our world? What are the dangers of alcohol?

Alcohol Perverts Judgment

(Isaiah 5:22-23)

King Ahasuerus, when “merry with wine,” attempted to show his wife off before a crowd of his subjects (Est 1:10-11). Lot would never have committed incest had he been sober (Gen 19:32-35). People “utter perverse things” under the influence of alcohol (Provs 23:33). Marriages are entered into by people who have met and courted under the influence of alcohol; they later dissolve or lead to the kind of terrible homes that abused spouses and children, and criminals come from. Alcohol can cause one to wrongly invest or spend his money, think he is capable of driving, enter into strife, or make a multitude of other mistakes. Alcohol-influenced judgment leads to other sins! By contrast, sober minds are necessary for one to live the life of a Christian (1 Thess 5:6 f; 1 Pet 5:8).

People Become Dependent on Alcohol

The Bible warns against being “given” or “addicted” to wine (1 Tim 3:3). The pull of drink is clearly seen herein: After experiencing the effects of it the man arises from his stupor and says, “I will seek it again” (Prov 23:35). When hard times come, as they will to all, the one who depends on alcohol will turn to his “help.” The Christian must remember the song that says, “Savior in my joy or sorrow I will ever go to thee” (Philip 4:11-13). If I become dependent on alcohol it will endanger my relationship with God from this standpoint alone.

Alcohol Ruins Lives

(Proverbs 23:29-30)

As one considers how popular alcohol is among the stars of Hollywood he would do well to also consider the high rate of divorce, alcoholism, and drug abuse among these people. I had a distant cousin who was well learned in the scripture. Some say he had a photographic memory and could quote the entire bible by memory. He was a very effective preacher in every respect. He even made it to the governor’s mansion as a top advisor in the state of Kentucky back in the early 1960s. It was there he became a social drinker at social gatherings. At first, he said he could control his drinking. Eventually, his drinking controlled him. He died in his early fifties in the Fulton County jail from alcohol withdrawal. Christians are stewards who must be found faithful (1 Cor 4:2). They must keep themselves from the blight of alcohol if they are to lead faithful lives and be a good example to unbelievers.

Conclusion: Why would any Christian want to use alcohol knowing these facts about its effect on our body and our soul?

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