Speaking where the bible speaks, and silent where the bible is silent.

Compromise is the willingness to give up something in order to get something.  It is said to be the “art of diplomacy” or the “art of the deal”. Savvy politicians will tell you that to be a successful politician you must learn to compromise. Because different philosophies and ideologies come to bear within political circles, it is difficult to accomplish anything without being willing to compromise somewhere along the line. Usually, neither side gets all of what it wants. Instead, each side gives up a little in order to get a little. While getting some of what it believes in, each side prevents the other from getting all of what it wants.
Certainly, compromise is necessary under certain circumstances. No one can have a successful and happy marriage without compromise. Corporations compromise with other companies in order to make a profitable deal for the both of them. Nations compromise with each other in order to gain peace. Basically, there’s nothing wrong with compromising under the right circumstances, but a huge problem arises when TRUTH is compromised. Once compromised, truth will never be the same. Truth cannot stand compromise.
2+2=4, can never equal anything but 4 and still be the truth. If someone comes along and insists 2+2=6, and someone else insists 2+2=4, both cannot possibly be correct. One is right and one is wrong. If the two compromise and agree to state that 2+2=5, they have not changed the “absolute truth” of the matter. If they could somehow convince everyone in the world to agree that 2+2=5, then 2+2=5 will become an “accepted truth.” However, it will not change the absolute truth because 2+2 will always equal 4. Absolute truth can never be compromised.
When it comes to doctrinal matters, there’s no room for compromise. The truth is the truth and it comes from God (Jn. 17:17). The Bible is the only body of authoritative truth that has been communicated to man by God in order to guide man in God’s will (2 Tim. 3:16-17).  There is only one true God (1 Cor. 8:4,6). There is only one Savior, Jesus Christ (Jn. 8:24). There is no salvation outside of Christ (Acts 4:12). A person cannot be saved without being baptized (immersed) in water for the forgiveness of sins (Acts 2:38 ff; 1 Pet. 3:21; Mk. 16:15-16).  No one can be saved without being added to the Lord’s church (Acts 2:47).
Truth cannot be compromised and remain truth. When one decides to compromise the doctrinal teachings of God’s word, he casts away the truth and destroys his own soul. Compromised teachings are not absolute truth. The bible calls them the “Doctrines and commandments of men”, which are “Vain worship” (Matt 15:7-9). The only way for one to have absolute truth, doctrinally, is to accept God’s doctrine as it has been communicated to us by His Word (2 Jn. 9). It cannot be changed and still be God’s truth, for no lie is of the truth (1 Jn. 2:21). In fact, compromised truth is a lie, and we all know that Satan is the father of all lies (Jn 8:44). Truth cannot be compromised, because compromise changes truth. This is why it is a mortal sin to add to or to take from God’s Word and all who do will be accursed (1 Cor 4:6 ff; Gal 1:6-9; Rev 22:18,19). Only the truth will set us free if we continue in God’s Word (Jn 8:31,32).

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    so inspired by this article

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