Speaking where the bible speaks, and silent where the bible is silent.

Forced Morality

 Biblical Proof Dec 20 2015

If government mirrored God’s Word, Christians would not vote for it. You would not vote for a government which enforced God’s moral law. No not one! If you think you would read on….

God’s Moral Law Enforced By Mankind

Imagine a candidate from any political party which ran on the premise of upholding God’s entire moral law and not just the part you like.

Imagine if every homosexual and lesbian were beheaded for their abominations. Every single one of them dead and gone. That’s an easy one if you are not gay, but many family members of the saints have gays in their families and friends.

Imagine every woman who has had an abortion and the doctors and nurses who performed them were put in front of a firing squad and shot. That could be your grandmother, your mother, your sisters or close friends.

Imagine fornication punishable by death. Imagine how many would be taken from society and killed. It would be a bloody mess.

Imagine if adultery was punishable by death. Just think of the blood bath that would occur among the so called saints. If you think too many pews are empty now, imagine if all who are actually living in adultery would be taken out and immediately stoned to death. I hope you are feeling hypocritical by now because if you are not, you will by the end of this article.

Imagine if all liars had their tongue cut out of their mouth for their evil deeds. Imagine the silence which would befall the earth.

Imagine if all who has ever taken something that doesn’t belong to them had their hands removed. All those who ever took another person’s scholarship, job, or career would suddenly have all their ill gotten gains taken from them and their freedom taken away.

Imagine all those who have millions or billions of dollars in their bank accounts, who have luxurious houses, and expensive cars suddenly had all of their great wealth taken away because of their excessive greed. Imagine a law that gave all the same wage so that no one could lord over the other. A law which prevented greed to exist and would punish anyone who took that which was not theirs by death.

Imagine a law which punished all who would parade around in skimpy swimwear by beatings and scourging. Imagine laws which would enter into your bedrooms and make sure you are not performing any sadistic or sodomy.

Imagine laws which would punish by death any man who beat his wife or any wife who abused her husband. Imagine a law which put in prison anyone who denied their spouse their rightful due benevolence.

And then imagine a law which would beat anyone who missed a church service. Anyone who did not believe in God would be cast out of the country. Anyone who did not worship like the government said would be killed for heresy.

You do know this has happened in history long before any of us alive today were even born? America began because of such religious laws and one government church. The church of England, which still exists today, was the only church allowed in the 17th century. All protestant doctrines were considered heresy and was punishable by death. Thus, men and women who wanted the right to worship God they way they chose to worship fled to what eventually became America.

It is ironic that many today want to place religion back into government. They don’t know what they are asking, because if it did happen, anarchy would happen almost immediately.

We have 4 political parties running for president in 2016. Trump has been married 3 times and by his own account has had thousands of lovers in and out of marriage. Hillary Clinton has been married to her infamous philandering husband, Bill Clinton, for 41 years. Gary Johnson has been married once (wife died), is currently engaged, and believes in legalizing marijuana. Jill Stein, married once, is a self professed agnostic. Can you even imagine a nation being ruled by  moral laws of any of these candidates? Yet one of them will win and rule this nation. You better hope and pray whoever it is gives you the freedom and opportunity to worship God the way you choose to worship, and extend the same freedom to every other citizen in America.

Yes, a moral country sounds great. A place where there is no sexual sins such as fornication, adultery, and all kinds of promiscuity. A place where homosexuality is not allowed. A place where everyone worships God in the exact same way and that way is approved of by God.

WAKE UP! Such a place can never exist upon this earth. The best we can achieve as mankind is having the freedom to worship God any way in which we choose. Freedom not to worship God. Freedom to curse God and die. Freedom to commit most any kind of nonviolent sin that we desire. Why is that important? Because if mankind made its citizens to worship and serve God, then how could God judge mankind. God wants you to have the freedom to sin or not to sin. Man can’t dictate perfection, but God can, yet God won’t. And if God won’t, why should mankind be allowed to try.

God wants you and I to have the freedom to decide for ourselves. The freedom to believe and confess that Jesus is the Christ (Rom 10:9,10). The freedom to repent and be baptized for the remission of sin (Acts 2:38). The freedom to remain faithful unto death (Rev 2:10). And if we choose to reject the gospel of Christ, God allows that as well. However, once we die, then God will judge us by our deeds according to the gospel (Rom 2:16). This is God’s will, this is God’s way, and I am content to abide by it__and so should you!


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