Speaking where the bible speaks, and silent where the bible is silent.

Biblical Proof Dec 20 2015

Careless people do careless things, like delaying their salvation for another day_another day which rarely comes. We are living in a time when people could “care less” for spiritual matters. No one seems to take the bible for absolute truth anymore. In fact, most see the bible as a great big fairy tale where all lives happily ever after.

The work of the preacher has grown more difficult and frustrations have become greater in this perverse and wicked generation. It is hard to convert someone to the body of Christ when they are living in adultery or are convinced that they are homosexual and are content to dwell therein. Most shake off an invitation to attend services and often say, “I am not making any promises.” When (and if) he finally does come, it likely will be a “one time only” thing, as if he has done the preacher a big favor by attending. Most are much too busy to listen to what the bible has to say concerning the condition of their soul. If the preacher dares make an attempt for the sinner to see the error of his way, he is met with disdain and hatred.

We go to members of the church who seldom attend services and plead with them to be more faithful. They will shake it off by saying, “I know I am not coming as often as I should. I will get around to it soon.” These so-called Christians seem to think they owe the preacher this much of a concession. When (and if) they do come as result of the exhortation, it will likely be a “one time only” thing and again they go back to being unfaithful. So it is necessary to try, try again.

What can we do and what can we say to get sinners, both in and out of the church, to see that it is not for our sake or even for Jesus’ sake that we want them to obey the gospel? Why can’t they see it is for their own good and for the sake of their own soul that we plead with them? We might become frustrated with the wicked and even explain to them that there are grave consequences if they obey not our plea to obey the Word of truth. If we tell them that hell awaits them, they take it as an insult as if we honestly want them to go there. However, if we fail to teach them, their blood is upon us (Acts 10:26).

If a man saves a person from a burning house, that man is considered a hero. However, if a preacher attempts to save someone from the lake of fire, he is heralded as a lunatic or a fanatic. Alien sinners and erring Christians many times are “careless souls” and they continue to “linger.” I don’t know anything to do or anything the Lord wants us to do but keep trying to get them to do what they must do to be saved. Perchance, if we convince but one, we know that we have saved a soul from death and have hid a multitude of sins (Jam 5:19,20)! Wise is the man that wins souls, and blessed is the man that obeys the gospel of Christ and endures temptation, for his is a crown of life (Prov 11:30 f; Jam 1:12).


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