Speaking where the bible speaks, and silent where the bible is silent.

Biblical Proof Dec 20 2015

It’s hard to even imagine or even conceive that all denominations are right with God. According to many denominations, all who believe in Jesus are going to heaven. They say, “You go to your church and I will go to mine and we will meet in heaven”. I must admit, that sounds good but is it true? Let the bible be the judge.

If Catholics are right to sprinkle little babies for salvation, then most all other religions are absolutely wrong. Babies can’t believe. Babies can’t confess. Babies can’t repent. Most all Christian religions other than the Catholics consider ‘Belief’ a corner stone of salvation. In fact, without faith it is impossible to please God (Heb 11:6).

If Baptists are right to “believe only” for salvation, then everyone except the Catholics are right. Why? Because most protestant religions believe that Jesus is the Christ. In fact, I know of many non-religious, beer drinking, pot smoking, promiscuous lifestyle people who believe that Jesus is the Christ. However, don’t you worry, heaven is not going to be over crowded as the Baptist seem to believe. Why? Because the apostle James made it abundantly clear that “Faith without works is dead” (Jam 2:20) and that one is justified by ‘works’ (what they do) and not ‘faith only’ (Jam 2:24).

Honestly, if all denominations are going to heaven, then the bible is an absolute lie. Why? Because the bible would be a complete contradiction. The bible states from the old to the new testament that adding to or taking from the bible is an abomination to God and worthy of hell fire (Deut 4:2 cf; 5:32; 12:32; 28:14; Josh 1:7 ff; Prov 30:6; 1 Cor 2:13; 1 Cor 4:6; 1 Pet 4:11; Rev 22:18,19). Every denomination under heaven is guilty of changing God’s word to fit their own man made doctrines. The scripture clearly states that Christians are bound to follow the apostolic doctrine (Acts 2:42), which is the doctrine of Christ (2 Jn 9), which is the doctrine of God (Jn 7:16,17). Catholics have their own bible and follow the direction of their current Pope. Baptist’s have their own manual. Adventist’s have their own prophetess and follow her books (Ellen White). Mormons also have their own bible and follow the writings of their own prophet (Joseph Smith). The list among denominations who change the Word of God and follow the Words of man is quite large.

The scriptures make is quite clear, “ I marvel that you are turning away so soon from Him who called you in the grace of Christ, to a different gospel, which is not another; but there are some who trouble you and want to pervert the gospel of Christ. But even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed. As we have said before, so now I say again, if anyone preaches any other gospel to you than what you have received, let him be accursed (Gal 1:6-9).

Thanks be unto God that the church of Christ, which Christ purchased with his own blood, still remains upon the earth. I do not say that every church of Christ is right with God, for many of my brethren are straying away and following the ways of denominations. Some are denying that all scripture is divinely inspired (2 Tim 3:16,17). Some are not following a strict adherence to the law of Christ and even denying Christ has a law. These are they who call such who strictly follow the Word of God a “legalist”, a “Pharisee”, or a “hypocrite”.  Ignorantly, they quote the doctrine of denominations causing many to stray. What they fail to recognize is that the Pharisees were not condemned for their strict adherence to the law, but their failure to do the works of the law. Thus, the Pharisees added their own doctrine in place of the doctrine of God (Mt 15). If they only listened to what Jesus told his own disciples they would not have strayed. Jesus said, “…The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat: All therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do; but do not after their works: for they say, and do not” (Mt 23:2,3). Liberal members of the Lord’s church neither say or do. Thus, they are twice worse for hell than the ones they accuse.

Some members of the Lord’s church are now using instrumental music and having women preachers. It was only a matter of time that many liberal minded brethren would do this. Why? For many years they allowed women to teach children and other women in the church, when the bible commanded them to remain silent (1 Cor 14:33-40). For many years they have allowed women to conduct services and preach to other women. For years they have told women that they could teach or preach outside of the church to anyone, when the scripture gave no such commandment or biblical example. In fact, the bible forbids women from teaching any man, including their own husband the word of God (1 Tim 2:11-14 f 1 Pet 3:1). Women were commanded to be chase keepers at home, obeying their own husbands and rearing their own children. In fact, outside of the church, aged Christian women are to teach younger women just this fact (Tit 2:3-5).

Brethren, we are in the last days when there was prophesied a great falling away (2 Thess 2:1-3 ). Many have already fallen and have been blinded by the doctrines of devils (1 Tim 4:1,2). Many are following every wind of doctrine and turning from the doctrine of Christ and his apostles (Eph 4:14). Many are committing adultery and justifying themselves by the doctrines and false conclusions of men. To the dismay of that old Serpent the Devil, a remnant of faithful Christians still remain upon the face of this wicked planet. All denominations are lost, and many church of Christ members have fallen away.

If denominations are right then all church of Christ members are also right. Denominations believe Jesus is the Christ, so do the churches of Christ. Denominations baptize, so do the churches of Christ. The question shouldn’t be if denominations are right with God, because they are not. The more ominous questions should be, what if New Testament Christians are right with God? You know, the ones who speak where the bible speaks and remain silent where the bible is silent (1 Pet 4:11 f; Col 3:17). If these select few are right, and they are (the bible said few would find the strait and narrow path _Mt 7:13,14), then truly hell has enlarged herself to accommodate this perverse and wicked generation (Isa 5:14). It’s high time that those who are sincerely seeking salvation stop following denominational doctrine, and start following what only a few still do, that being, the gospel and doctrine of Christ!


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