Speaking where the bible speaks, and silent where the bible is silent.

Biblical Proof

When someone does a serious crime in this country you can hear someone say, “Throw the book at him!” This means, go exactly by what the law says without any leniency or exception. God’s law is that way. God will show no partiality to no one at the say of judgment. He will definitely “Throw the book at us”!

Sometimes, it is best to take a good look at ourselves as opposed to others. This is more imperative when it comes to Christians. It doesn’t matter what denominations do, it matters what we as Christians do. Anyone who hasn’t obeyed the gospel of Christ is already lost (Mk 16:16). As Christians, we have already obeyed the gospel of Christ and we did it by the book. This leads me to this point: If you have obeyed the gospel of Christ by the book, that is, taking God’s Word literally, how can you in all good conscience not obeyed the doctrine of Christ in the same like manner?

I know of many so called church of Christ members who call anyone who takes the Word of God literally a legalist, a Pharisee, or what is commonly called a hypocrite. I want to make this lesson very brief and to the point. If anyone who claims such stood before God having went exactly by what  Christ and his apostles commanded, which of you would feel to be in jeopardy? If you obeyed the same gospel as the apostles taught (Rom 2:16); If you continued in the same doctrine as the apostles taught (Act 2:42); If you worshiped God in spirit and in truth (Jn 4:23,24); If you did all these while enduring trials and persecution for the cause of Christ (2 Tim 3:12 f; 1 Pet 4:16); If you did all these exactly by what the bible taught and not what some commentary, lexicon or author taught, would you feel to be in jeopardy come the day of judgment? Honestly, I know of no sincere Christian who would answer yes to this question. I know of many loop legged, apostatized people who dare call themselves Christians say yes, but not one honest and true Christian.

Think for one moment, you have one life to live to get right with God (Heb 9:27). All we have to get right with Christ is contained in the new testament. Contained therein is the gospel of Christ. Did not the apostles warn us enough about such matters? Did they not say if we pervert or change the gospel of Christ we shall be accursed (Gal 1:6-9). Did they not say if we obeyed not the unchanged gospel we shall be condemned (2 Thess 1:7-9)? Did they not say we are not to go beyond that which was written in God’s Holy Word (1 Cor 4:6)? Did they not say we are to speak the very words (oracles) of God (1 Pet 4:11). Did they not say if we add to or take from God’s Word our names shall be written out of the Book of Life (Rev 22:18,19)? And then someone dares and say that anyone who goes exactly by the Holy Book of God Almighty is a legalist, a Pharisee, a hypocrite? I don’t know what book they have been reading, but it surely wasn’t the Bible. Remember this, the same book that saves us, is the same book that keeps us, and is the only book that shall judge us (Jn 8:31 ff; Jn 12:48; Rom 2:16)! Call me what you will, but as for me I am going strictly by the Book, and following that strait and narrow path which leads to life everlasting (Mt 7:13,14).


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