Speaking where the bible speaks, and silent where the bible is silent.

Biblical Proof

It is self evident that denominations of the world have made void the law of Christ. They have made it void by teaching for doctrine the commandments and traditions of men. I am sad to report that the churches of Christ, in large proportion, are doing the same. Are you making the law of Christ of none effect?

The scriptures instruct us to sing and make melody in our hearts to the Lord (Eph 5:19). However, denominations say that music is more entertaining to the ear, and that they see nothing in the scriptures which would forbid instrumental music. Nothing, that is, but the silence of God (1 Pet 4:11). God instructed us how to sing, but he never once commanded or instructed us to play or how to play instruments of music. We are commanded not to go beyond that which was written, but denominations have equated the commandments and traditions of men with God’s Word (1 Cor 4:6). Thus, they have made the law of Christ of none effect.

All denominations and most churches of Christ allow women to speak in the churches. Denominations allow women to preach, to teach, and to lead singing and prayer, etc. The churches of Christ allow women to ask and answer questions in bible classes, to teach bible classes to women and to children, and in some places make announcements. To their credit they don’t allow women to preach, to lead singing or prayer, or to wait on the Lord’s supper.

Nevertheless, the churches of Christ are making void in part, as denominations do in whole, by breaking God’s prohibition for women to be speakers in the Lord’s church. The apostle Paul instructed all churches to restrict women from speaking in the churches, and if they had any questions to ask their husband at home, not  in the assembly (1 Cor 14:33-40). Paul also instructed all women not to teach or usurp the authority over man, but to be in silence (1 Tim 2:11-14). Paul did not restrict this commandment just to the church, but everywhere. Thus, women cannot be preachers or teachers of the Word of God, but are to remain silent in such matters. This eliminates the possibility of Priscilla teaching Apollos. All Christian women were prohibited from teaching any man or usurping the authority of man. If Priscilla had taught Apollos, she would have sinned on two accounts: for teaching him the Word, and by usurping her husband’s authority (Acts 18:26). Thus, to understand the scriptures, both Aquila and his wife Priscilla took Apollos aside privately, but it was Aquila who taught him the way of God more accurately.

When elders allow women to teach other women and children when the church is assembled, they have added to God’s Word. God never once commanded either to be taught by women in the churches. By allowing women to become preachers, teachers, leaders or speakers in the churches, denominations and most churches of Christ have made the law of Christ of none effect.

Denominations and many churches of Christ have kitchens, fellowship halls, or places set aside to eat. Most all of these are supported by the church’s contribution. Money which was set aside for the preaching of the gospel and assisting the needy saints (1 Cor 16:1,2 f; Eph 4:12). Yet, God commanded if any were hungry, let him eat at home (1 Cor 11:22,34). Early day Christians were confusing their supper for the Lord’s supper. Thus, the apostle Paul made it clear that Christians are commanded to gather each Lord’s day to partake of the Lord’s supper (v24-26), but not to fill their bellies by partaking of their own supper, thus shaming those who are poor (v 22). The fellowship Christians are commanded to engage in is contained in worship, and specifically by partaking of the Communion of the Lord. How many today attend churches just to fill their belly and be entertained, and forget the main purpose of worship each Lord’s day is to remember the Lord’s death? Thus, but the traditions of men the Word of God has been made of none effect.

Conclusion: Does the church you attend make the laws of Christ of none effect? Do they teach that sprinkling is allowed by God, though immersion was commanded (Acts 8:38 f; Rom 6:3,4)? Do they teach ‘faith only’ when God commanded faith and baptism in order to be saved (Mk 16:16)? It is easy to see how denominations are worshiping God in vain because they teach for doctrines the commandments of men, but is it easy for you to see that many churches of Christ are not that far behind? If we are worshiping God in spirit and in truth, then we are NOT teaching for doctrine any commandments or doctrines of men (Mt 15:7-9)! Christians are commanded to abide by the doctrine and tradition of Christ and His apostles, and them only (Acts 2:42 ff; 2 Jn 9; 2 Thess 2:15)! So I ask you again, are you making the law of Christ of none effect by your traditions?



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