Speaking where the bible speaks, and silent where the bible is silent.

Biblical Proof

In every generation, many have doubted the inspiration of the Bible. There are those who look upon the Bible as being nothing more than a fable, or a group of fables written by men that have been passed down from generation to generation. Others feel the parts that they agree with have been inspired by God, but all others are the opinions of men.

We can be sure that certain men did not have a part in writing the Bible. For instance, we know that the atheist did not write the Bible inasmuch as the Bible condemns such an individual. We read: “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.” (Ps. 14:1). We know that homosexuals and lesbians did not write the Bible, in that the Bible condemns such evil practices in the old and new testaments. (Lev 18:22 f; Rom 1:24-28). We also know that a denominationalist did not write the Bible because the word reveals that there is but one true church, and its only entrance comes by faith and baptism. (Eph. 4:4 ff; Col. 1:18; Mk 16:16). We know that a Catholic did not write the Bible in that the scriptures no where suggests that Peter was ever Pope or ever in Rome. On the contrary, the Bible teaches that Christ is head of the church and is Savior of the body. (Eph. 5:23). Now we know that these individuals, and many others, did not write the Bible, or have part in writing the Bible, or else they would have penned it to suit their own doctrine(s). At any rate, we know that such individuals would not have condemned themselves by their own writings.

If the people mentioned above did not write the Bible, then who did? Well, the answer is very simple. The Bible itself reveals that inspired men of God took part in this great work. Peter tells us: “Holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.” (2 Pet. 1:21). Then the apostle Paul said: “All scripture is given by the inspiration of God.” (2 Tim. 3:16). No where did any apostle take claim for anything written in the scripture. In fact, Paul claimed that his doctrine came by Jesus Christ (Gal 1:11,12). Jesus Christ claims that his doctrine was not his but came by God the Father (Jn 7:16,17). Therefore, the Bible is from God. Since such is true, then it is a holy or divine book and authoritative. The scripture nowhere contradicts itself, but rather agrees’, even though about 40 inspired men had part in penning it (2 Cor 1:18).

If the bible was written partly by God and partly be men or just by men over the ages, then by all means, do as you please. There would be no heaven above, no hell below, and no life after death without the bible telling us so. However, if the bible derived from God, then God will judge all mankind by it. In fact, God said he would judge each of us by Jesus Christ, according to our works, and by His Word (2 Cor 5:10 ff; Jn 12:48; Rom 2:16). God promised eternal life to all those who obeyed His Word and eternal damnation to all those who obey not His Word (Tit 1:2 ff; 2 Thess 1:7-9 f; Mk 16:16).

The Word of God was settled in heaven without the input of any man (Ps 119:89). Don’t try and erase or redefine the parts of the bible which condemns you or that you dislike. To all those who do this the bible promised that they would be accursed (Gal 1:6-9). Heaven and earth will pass away, but God’s Word endures forever (Mt 24:35 f; 1 Pet 1:23-25). God, who cannot lie, keeps his promises, and is able to deliver (Heb 6:18,19 f; Rom 4:21; Heb 11:11). If you desire eternal life, obey the eternal Word, which was written by the eternal God, before it is everlasting too late. God’s Word, trust it for truth, trust it for its promises, and trust that every word of it came directly from God!


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