Speaking where the bible speaks, and silent where the bible is silent.

Biblical Proof

Have you ever wondered how your preacher was hired for your congregation? It is something that is quite unique among brethren but is rarely spoken about. It is something that happens and we think little of it. So, how do preachers get hired?

First of all, local preachers are no more or no less than a reflection of the congregation for which they are hired. Usually they try out for the congregation they desire to preach. This means that they will come one Sunday and audition for the elders or for the ‘leadership by committee”. I know of no congregation which takes the opinion of all its members in deciding who will do the preaching. Many times a congregation will have several try outs before deciding on who to choose.

During this same period, usually after the morning service, he is interviewed in private where he is questioned on basic and fundamental beliefs and his goals for church growth. This too varies from congregation to congregation as to what he will be asked specifically in these closed door meetings. Often a man’s family will be a deciding factor; If he has children it’s how they behave; or if he has a wife who is personable and able to communicate with fellow brethren. Usually a local church has it’s own personal problems which need to be addressed such as adultery and backsliding and the such like.

Congregations usually comprise of several family members and friends and are very close knitted. It takes a special man who can walk in among a church and blend in with its members as if they are his own family. What unites all brethren is the gospel itself and the doctrine of Christ and his apostles.

The churches of Christ has no creed other than the bible. It has no doctrine but of Christ. Therefore, nearly all churches of Christ are united in the gospel and worship. However, some differ in how the treasury is to be spent and in uniting with man made institutions to do the work of the church. Therefore, when you hear your preacher preach, he is echoing the beliefs of a select few who lead your particular congregation.

Do you have a choice in the matter of who preaches to you? Yes you do! You have the freedom to worship wherever you choose. What you shouldn’t do is to change from a congregation who is following the bible to one who shares your personal lifestyle.

It is the responsibility of all preachers to preach what the scriptures state and not what a few select men want to be preached. This happens quite often when sin enters into the church and the preacher holds his tongue because they are related to one of the church leaders. Preachers must preach in and out of season despite the consequence of losing his job at a particular congregation. It is better to be penniless and go in want for preaching the truth than to preach error and live in comfort.

The life of a preacher is a very hard one if he preaches the gospel of Christ. Most often, he will not be hired by congregations. Why? Because he has no compromise. He chooses to follow God rather than man. Beware of any preacher who agrees with adulterous marriages or sets to redefine what adultery is other than what is written in the scripture. Beware of any preacher who says one can be saved separate and apart from the gospel. Beware of any preacher that winks at fornication and homosexuality. Beware of any preacher who uses the term “legalism”. Beware of any preacher who rejects the notion of speaking where the bible speaks and being silent where the bible is silent. Beware of any preacher who preaches out of commentaries and lexicons. Beware of any preacher who can’t prove his own faith and the doctrine he teaches by the scripture. False prophets and or teachers are in the pulpits of most churches these days. Your duty is to make sure you are not adhering to them and falling into their web of deceit!


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    Hi! Can I ask permission to use some of your post article and photo as well. Looking forward for you reply and God bless!

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