Speaking where the bible speaks, and silent where the bible is silent.

Are You Prepared?

Biblical Proof

Imagine, if you will, sitting in a classroom where the teacher tells you that you will be taking a final exam over the entire text you are studying, and it will account for 100% of your grade. This test is a pop test and could occur at any time. This test will be based upon the second half of the book and nothing more. Would you as an avid student study the first half of the book in order to prepare for your exam? Would you study the opinions of others who spoke on the subject? Would you be attempting to get the original language of the book and study that? Would you assume that portions of the second half were not to be studied because no one can take some of its contents seriously? Would you question the credentials of the author just so you wouldn’t be subject to taking the test? Would you make personal attacks on your teacher and question their veracity? If you intend to pass this test and make a passing grade, the answer to all these questions is an emphatic NO!

What you would do is obey the direction of your teacher and study the second portion of the book as you were instructed (Isa 30:21,22). You would study it night and day and be ready to take that exam (Ps 1:1,2). This analogy is no different than what God has commanded each to do in order to be saved. He told you what portion of the bible to obey and from which to learn (Gal 3:24,25 ff; Heb 1:1,2; Rom 15:4). He gave you examples of what others did in order to be saved (Acts 2; Acts 8; Acts 9; Acts 10; Acts 16). He told you to be ready and prepared at all times to take this test, for it will come like a thief in the night (1 Thess 5:2) . He told you not to obey the philosophies and doctrines of men, only his Word (Col 2:8). He even sent his Son to take the same test and prepare your way to walk in his steps (1 Pet 2:21).

This is your time to be tested and tried (Jam 1:12). Therefore, study God’s Word night and day (2 Tim 2:15). Obey God’s gospel immediately (Acts 22:16). Continue in the gospel of Christ (Jn 8:31). Endure the hardships and persecutions which come upon all faithful Christians (2 Tim 2:2 f; 2 Tim 3:12). Most of all, be prepared to meet the Lord your God (Amos 3:12). Once you are dead, your test will be over (Jn 9:4). Then comes the judgment and all will be judged not by the doctrines and commandments of men but by the gospel of your salvation (Jn 12:48). Are you prepared? If not, why not?


Comments on: "Are You Prepared?" (2)

  1. Hello and a wonderful day to all. I enjoy all your posts and agree with most of what you have to offer–but on this one i must say one has to be careful on what Bible you read as they have been changed the wording in some areas. Also God instructed us several times to always question our teachers and what is being taught.

    • The teacher I was referring to is Jesus Christ and his apostles. As for the word being changed such was condemned by the apostle Paul in Gal 1:6-9. I don’t believe there are mistakes in word for word translations such as KJV, ASV, NKJV. God bless.

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