Speaking where the bible speaks, and silent where the bible is silent.

Biblical Proof

How much longer will it be that the churches of Christ will be nothing but another denomination? What do I ask this? It is because each time liberal minded brethren want to circumvent the word of God they will reply, “The bible did not forbid it.” Brethren, this false doctrine is the avenue of every, and I mean every denominational doctrine ever conceived.

The bible did not say many things, but does this mean we can do what the bible did not strictly forbid? The bible never said, “Don’t have instrumental music in service to the Lord.” The bible never said, “Women shall not be teachers of children and women in public bible studies.” The bible never said, “You shall not give each time the church gathers.” The bible never said, “Homosexuals and lesbians shall not marry each other.” The bible never said, “Women shall not have an abortion.”

However, the bible instructed us to sing and make melody in our hearts to the Lord (Eph 5:19). The bible instructed women to be silent in the church when it comes to public speaking (1 Cor 14:33-40). The bible instructed us to give upon the first day of the week (1 Cor 16:1-3). The bible instructed us that homosexuality and lesbianism is an abomination to God (Rom 1:26,27, 32). The bible instructed us that the taking of innocent life is murder and therefore is a mortal sin (Gal 5:21).

Those who hold to the idea that anything the bible did not strictly forbid is allowable, also confirm that the bible never once spoke of the things they desire to do. The bible never said many things, but it did tell us affirmatively what to do, and not to go beyond that which was written (1 Cor 4:6). We are commanded to speak the very words of God (1 Pet 4:11). We are commanded not to add to or take from God’s Word (Rev 22:18,19). If we change the gospel we shall be accursed (Gal 1:6-9). If we abide not in the doctrine of Christ and his apostles we have not God (2 Jn 9 f; Acts 2:42). If we want God’s reward, then we must do things God’s way!




Comments on: "The Doctrine Which Creates All Denominations" (1)

  1. Totally agree with you. We know our earthly parents and their nature / character and what they approve / disapprove of. In a grander scale we have to be ever mindful of the nature and character of God and be very careful not to violate them in any way. The silence of the Scriptures is not an approval of things expressly unstated but a confirmation of stated truths.

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