Speaking where the bible speaks, and silent where the bible is silent.

Biblical Proof

Admit it, fornication in this world is no longer considered a sin. Most everyone is committing fornication without any thought to what the scripture has to say about it. Seemingly, the excuses for fornication are abundant.

For Love

Love is a very strong emotion which leads many down a dark road of fornication. Many believe that fornication is justified if two are in love with one another. They are absolutely wrong with this assumption. What they don’t know is that love has nothing to do with sex. If a man and a woman are truly in love with one another and they can’t control their sexual urges, and they are eligible for marriage, they should get married. If you truly love someone you will not condemn their soul by indulging in sexual activity outside of marriage.

Prerequisite to Marriage

Marriage is not something one tries out and then throws away for one reason or another. Marriage is until death do you part and has only one reason for divorce, i.e., infidelity. (Mt 19:9) Way too many use sex as a gauge for how well their marriage will work. Although sex is one of the reasons for marriage, it is far from the only reason. A person may be great in bed but are terrible in everything else. Secondly, desire will eventually fade within a four to seven year period for most. If two eligible people (man and a woman) are truly in love with one another, and they genuinely like each other, and are compatible with one another, and they have a desire to be intimate with one another, they should avoid fornication and get married. In other words, sex is a great reason to get married, but it is far from the only reason if you want your marriage to last.

For Money

I have known quite a few who remain unmarried, but are sexually active with each other all because they can’t afford to be married. Such is the case of the elderly. There is a marital penalty in America which many elderly couples find hard to bear financially. Therefore, they justify fornication all because of money. This is a feeble excuse because it implies that money is more imperative that the commandments of God. It is far better to be married and impoverished than to live in sin and have all the money in the world. In other words, don’t send your soul to hell for a few dollars in your pocket. Do it God’s way and not the world’s way.

Conclusion: There are many excuses people give when committing fornication, but none of them makes them right with God. Sex outside of marriage is a sin and should be avoided at all cost. Fornication is a sin against our own body. (1 Cor 6:18) The scripture command us to flee fornication (1 Cor 6:18) but if we cannot contain our sexual urges, then we should get married (If we are eligible for marriage). It is better to marry than to burn in hell (because we are committing fornication). (1 Cor 7:8) Bottom line, there is not justifiable excuse for anyone to commit fornication and be right with God!


Comments on: "No Justification For Fornication" (4)

  1. Under the section “For Money” you wrote: “Their is a marital penalty in America which many elderly couples find hard to bear financially. Therefore, they justify fornication all because of money.” I believe you meant to say “There”

  2. Concerning the elderly. You are correct, that one spouse will lose his (spousal) retirement benefits, which is totally unfair.

    I am quite conservative, but marriage is now a quasi government/religious institution, whereas in the beginning it was only a religious institution. The government WAS the church, etc, until a king was demanded and it went downhill from there.

    I still believe marriage should be none of the government’s business, regardless of how they have intruded in the tax, estate, community property, etc. realms.

    I think that an elderly couple should just get married in the eyes of the church, or a priest/pastor/whatever, say their vows before God, and basically let the government fly a kite.

  3. Mercedez said:

    thanks Brethren for this Truth!
    God bless thee!

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