Speaking where the bible speaks, and silent where the bible is silent.

Biblical Proof

Morality comes from God’s Word. Atheists have no moral standards whatsoever because they have nothing to base them upon. If an atheist is moral, he is moral in spite of himself. There is nothing in atheism to make one moral. Any atheist who lives a moral life has borrowed his moral standard from the Bible. Any country which erases God and the bible from its laws will soon destroy itself from within.

An atheist country can’t see any value in unborn life because they don’t believe life of any kind has a ‘Spirit’ from within. Life to them is based on ‘Survival of the fittest’. Therefore, to them the life of the mother supersedes the life of the child. This not only applies to life itself, but also the condition of life. If a child would make a mother’s life worse, atheists see no harm in killing the unborn child. If a child appears to have a defect or disease, atheists see no harm in killing the unborn child. These are the same people who willingly think it humane to kill the sick and elderly.

Atheists see nothing wrong with homosexuality. To them, marriage has no boundaries and should be allotted to every person who seeks it. They see nothing wrong with homosexuals, transsexuals,  or any kind of perverted lifestyle. The only standard which condemns such perversion is the bible. Take the bible away, and perversion will prevail.

Is it any wonder why we are now seeing racism being revealed in our police force across the country? Any country that knows not God will do things like that. Real Christians don’t harm or kill someone based upon the color of their skin, but atheists will.

Does it amaze us to see so many committing adultery and living in fornication in this nation? Why not? Have we not been told that love is all that matters? Why is all this happening? It is because we have erased God from our schools, our communities, our government and our nation. Is it any wonder why churches are filled with such abominations? Is it any wonder why parents aren’t allowed to correct their children? As the proverb goes, “As the family goes, so goes the nation”.

When faith in God and the Bible is destroyed in the hearts of our youth, the atheist has nothing to put in its place. He leaves the pitiable boy or girl impoverished with nothing at all with which to build a moral life. When we permit our children to be taught that they are nothing more than an improved strain of animals, we should no be shocked or surprised when they begin to act like animals.

If you want a strong family, teach them the moral principles from the bible. If you want safe schools, apply prayer and godly morality. If you want strong communities free from crime, place the bible in charge of its moral conduct. If you want a strong government and nation, place leaders who abide by the moral principles of the bible. Atheism produces greed and immorality. Only God’s Word produces a giving heart and moral values. Remember the warning of the psalmist David, “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.” Ps 9:17


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