Speaking where the bible speaks, and silent where the bible is silent.


If Christianity were a crime, could authorities find enough evidence on you to convict you in a court of law? If they investigated your home, would they find an open bible or one that has been recently read? Could they even find your finger prints on the cover? If they spoke with your friends, would they reveal that you are constantly talking about the gospel of Christ and how to be saved? If they spoke to your family, would they discover you came from a family of Christians? Could they tell them how you always prayed over your food? Could they tell them you always attended church services? Could they tell them that you were always helping the needy and doing good to all who had need?

Would anyone ever claim that you were a bible thumping, Jesus fanatic, gospel professing Christian? Or would they find just the opposite in your life? Would they discover you read dirty magazines? Would they find your filthy movies? Would they uncover your immoral lifestyle? Would your friends reveal your promiscuous side?Would they find your cigarettes, your alcohol, or your illegal drugs?  Would your skeletons prove you are nothing like a Christian? Would your family unveil the real you that is more worldly, than godly?

When all the evidence was in and all the witnesses had testified, would any jury in the land convict you of being the kind of Christian the bible speaks of? Would anyone testify you had confessed Jesus was the Christ, the Son of God? Would anyone say you had repented and were immersed in water for the remission of your sins? Could anyone say they saw you worship God in Spirit and in Truth?

Until we are truly convicted that the scripture came from God. Until we respect the scripture enough not to alter it. Until we have obeyed the gospel of Christ. Until we have kept the faith, day in and day out, our conviction is in doubt. If the world doesn’t know we are Christians, it is doubtful God does. Don’t be ashamed of being a Christian. Don’t be ashamed for suffering for the cause of Christ. Don’t be ashamed of the gospel. Don’t be ashamed to be the light of the world.


Comments on: "Does The World Know You Are A Christian?" (1)

  1. Larry Hafley said:

    Great material.  Thanks.

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