Speaking where the bible speaks, and silent where the bible is silent.

Sin Can Be Contagious

Biblical Proof

Sin is contagious. Just like a disease, it can pass from one human to the other. What’s worse, sinners hate to be alone in their sin. Most often they seek out prey to devour. Sinners like the company of sinners and if they can’t find a sinner, it isn’t beyond them to convert a child of God into a sinner. Paul warned us not to be deceived, evil company corrupts good habits. 1 Cor 15:33 You might ask yourself, specifically, how can sin be contagious?

If Christians keep company with sinners, and often it is unavoidable, we are capable of mimicking what we see and hear. If one is cursing in our presence, those same words can proceed from our mouths as well. If one is drinking alcohol, in our weakest moments, we can turn to alcohol. The same applies to illegal drugs, gluttony, or anything we can put in our body. If Christians keep company with gossipers, eventually they too will gossip.

Many see the world going from man to man and woman to woman in pursuit of happiness, and end up emulating what they see.  Not only that, but sinners who are also adulterers and adulteresses, often seduce the righteous, and thus devouring their very soul by committing the sin God forbade. There are many young men and women who have either divorced their spouse or were divorced by their spouse, who are not eligible for remarriage, who seek out the innocent by telling them lies about the marital condition. Remember this, even a single person who has never married can commit adultery by marrying one who is already an adulterer or an adulteress. Even if they are lied to about the condition of their future spouse, they are still guilty of breaking God’s law of adultery. Remember what Peter said about ignorance, “ And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commands all men every where to repent:” Acts 17:30

This is the season of colds, flues, pneumonia, and all kinds of contagious illnesses. In our desire not to get sick physically, let us not forget and make ourselves sick spiritually. Even though sin can be contagious, we are still responsible for the sins we commit. Thus, even like the common cold or any disease which can spread from human to human, we must inoculate ourselves with the knowledge and understanding of God’s Word. 2 Tim 2:15 We will make friends of God’s children in order to avoid the sins of the world. We will make sure who we marry are truly eligible to be married according to God’s Word. Mt 19:9 We will run from fornication. 1 Cor 6:18 And though we can’t escape the world and its evils, we can prevent many of the things which corrupt good manners. We can turn off the TV channels which perpetuate evil. We can change the radio station which plays music with filthy lyrics. We can ignore dirty magazines and books which perpetuate evil thoughts and deeds. We can avoid those who tell dirty jokes, curse and swear. Remember, it’s your soul. Keep it healthy and let no one corrupt what you intend to keep clean.



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