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Oh To Be Like Thee

Oh to be like our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Few are you know. Many believe the Lord is just like them, but most don’t know the Jesus described in the Word of God. Ps 50:21 Let us take a closer look at the One who is our perfect example.

Jesus Stood For Truth

Jesus said that he was the way, the truth, and the life. Jn 14:6 In order to be TRUTH means he doesn’t lie. Tit 1:2f; Heb 6:18 As John wrote, “No lie is of the truth.” 1 Jn 2:21  Jesus disciples spoke the truth, for they spoke the Words of Jesus via the Holy Spirit. Jn 17:17f; Jn 14:26 If we are to be like Jesus, we too must speak the oracles of God, and not go beyond them. 1 Pet 4:11f; 1 Cor 4:6

Jesus Never Changes

Though Jesus verily was the end of the old law, he himself never changed. Rom 10:4f; Heb 13:8 James wrote that with God is no variableness, nor shadow of turning. Jam 1:17 As Paul wrote, “Our Word toward you was not yes and no.” 2 Cor 1:18 The same gospel which saved early day Christians saves us today, for God is not a respecter of person. Col 1:25 This is the common salvation and precious like faith that both Peter and Jude wrote about. 2 Pet 1:1f; Jude 3 If we are to be like Jesus, we must stand firm in our obedience to the doctrine of Christ. 2 Thess 2:15ff; Tit 2:9; 2 Jn 9

Jesus Submitted To God

Jesus made it perfectly clear that what God commanded him to say and do, he both said and did. Jn 12:49,50 God sent his only Son to die that we might not perish. Jn 3:16 Jesus submitted himself to death, even to the death of the cross. Philip 2:8 If we are to be like Jesus, we must submit ourselves to Christ. As Jesus suffered, so must we, and take up our cross daily, and follow after him. 1 Pet 1:21f; Lk 14:27

Jesus Taught With Authority

Jesus taught with the authority of God. Jesus was sent by God, and was given all authority both in heaven and in earth. Mt 28:18 As Jesus taught with this authority, he also gave such authority to his apostles. Jn 17:8,18 The apostles gave faithful Christian men this same authority to preach the same gospel. 2 Tim 2:2 If anyone preaches another gospel, they will be accursed. Gal 1:8,9 If we are to be like Christ we must also teach, and preach this same unaltered gospel. 1 Cor 2:13f; 2 Cor 4:13

Jesus The Builder

Is it any wonder that Jesus was the earthly son of a carpenter, and the heavenly son of an architect. Jesus built his church upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, and himself being the chief corner stone. Mt 16:18f; Eph 2:20 Christians are baptized into this church and are members in particular. 1 Cor 12:13,27 If we are to be like Christ, we must do the work of the church, and be faithful to it. Eph 4:11,12f; Heb 10:25

Jesus The Defender

Jesus was not meek and lowly when it came to the Word of God. Jesus began contending for God’s Word at the age of 12 in the temple. When Jesus began his ministry he contended with both the Pharisees and Scribes concerning the law of Moses. The apostles defended and contended for the faith even as we are commanded to do the same if we are like our Savior. Philip 1:15-18f; Jude 3

Jesus The Provider

Jesus was a good provider. Jesus realizing the multitudes were hungry fed them before he preached the gospel to them. Jesus commanded his servants to seek first the kingdom of heaven. and not to worry for the necessities of life because God would provide what was needed. Mt 7:32-34 This is not to say God rains it down as was done in the wilderness when He fed Israel with heavenly manna. Yet, God will provide the means and opportunities to such things if we seek His Bread (the Word) first. Jn 6:48 If we are like Jesus, we too will be a provider not only to our families, but to all who are in need when we have such opportunity to do good. Gal 6:10f; 1 Tim 5:8

Jesus the Savior

As Jesus came to save us by his death, burial and resurrection, even so must we be buried with him by baptism into His death and be raised to walk in the newness of life. Rom 6:3,4 As Jesus died for us on the cross, even so must we be prepared to die for fellow brethren. Jn 15:13,14f; Jn 13:34 We are to sacrifice our time and knowledge of God’s Word in order to seek and save the lost. Mt 28:19,20f; 2 Tim 4:2-5 Even as Christ died for us, husbands must be prepared to do the same for their wives. Eph 5:25 Christ’s death not only saved us, but was symbolic for us in our daily responsibility to ourselves, to our families, and to our brethren. The more we are like Jesus, the more we sacrifice our lives for others.

Conclusion: We are to pattern our life after the one who suffered, and died for us, Jesus Christ. Only when we are like our redeemer are we pleasing unto God. Jesus was baptized even as we are commanded to do so. Jesus preached and defended God’s Word, unaltered, even as we also must do. Jesus suffered, even as we are to suffer. 2 Tim 3:12f; 1 Pet 2:21 Jesus took up his cross, even unto death, even as we must take up our cross remaining faithful unto death. Lk 14:27f; Rev 2:10 If it’s God we seek to please, it’s Christ our blessed Redeemer we must be like.

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