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As Newborn Babies

Are you ready, and prepared to serve the Lord? A newborn Christian is a lot like a newborn child, they have a lot of learning to do, and a lot of experience to obtain. Christians not only need to learn how to behave themselves in the house of God, but outside of the church as well. They need not only to learn the scriptures, but how to rightly handle them. They not only need to know what it means to suffer, but what it means to suffer for the cause of Christ; Not just to be punished for their faults, but for things they are not guilty. They need to learn not only to teach those who are sincere seekers of the Word, but to defend, contend, and reprove those who oppose the truth. They need not only learn to love those who love them, but to love them who hate, and despise them. They need to learn that being a Christian is a not part-time job that begins Sunday morning and ends Sunday evening, but a 24/7, 365 day job that is filled with little earthly praise and reward. Despite the hardships of being a Christian, I have heard that it has retirement to die for, and that is what being a Christian is all about.

As Newborn Babies

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