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Faith Produces Obedience

No matter how much faith an army has in itself, they will never win the war without a fight. Faith only is like a great idea that remains dormant in the mind: It is worthless until it is put into action. To believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God is fundamental to becoming a Christian, but until this belief leads us to repentance, baptism, and remaining faithful till death, it adds no value to our soul. The Faith that removes mountains, moves us to obey God.

Jam 1:14-26; Ezek 33:31-33;  Jn 14:15; 1 Jn 5:3; Acts 17:30; 1 Pet 3:21; Rev 2:10; Mt 21:21

God Provides the Opportunity

As Christians, God has seen our mistakes, knows our weaknesses, and even the very intent of our heart. Yet, God still waits for us to repent when we fall away. If God can wait so patiently for us, why can’t we wait and be patient on those who have yet to obey the Word of truth? If God’s hand is stretched out still, why not ours? As long as God is willing to provide the opportunity, we should be more than willing to preach the Word of truth. It is the least we can do, it is the least we must do.

Isa 9:12,17,21; Rom 2:4; 2 Cor 4:3; 2 Tim 4:2-5;

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