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Beware of Deceivers

Speaking false doctrine is far worse than just believing, and practicing it. Those who believe, and do evil cause only harm to themselves, but false teachers cause harm to countless others, alluring them to follow that which will condemn their souls. They use great swelling words of vanity, and the wisdom of men to allure the weak to follow them. Many will follow false teachers because it sounds good to the ear, and feeds their lusts and greed. They teach that we can have our cake (riches and heaven) and eat it too (enjoy both). These are the ones who debate over words, and persuade many that the bible can only be understood by a select few (themselves). False teachers invite others to come to the Master’s table because of what’s on it, not because they love the Master. Take the money away, and the false teachers will flee away, for those who teach such perverse things do so for their bellies’ sake. Beware of them, and avoid them, for they seek to devour your very soul. The word of God is easy to be understood, easy to obey, and hard to endure, but those who endure will find their reward awaiting them come the day of judgment.

Deut 18:19-22; Micah 3:11; Mt 7:15; Rom 16:17,18; Tit 1:11-16; 1 Tim 6:3-10; Jam 3:1; 2 Pet 2:1-3; 1 Jn 4:1

God’s Word Never Changes

Some call is old fashion, outdated, and out of step with the times, but the same Word that saved Peter and Paul, will save all that hear and obey it today. If we expect God to love us unconditionally, we have to unconditionally obey Him. His Word was meant to change us, but never for us to change it. When we meet this condition, we are ready to be changed into a servant of God. We should never expect God to change with the times, but as long as there is time, we can expect Him to grant us the opportunity to change to His Word. Take advantage of that opportunity, today.

Mal 3:6; Heb 13:8; Jam 1:17; Rev 22:18,19; Jn 14:15; 1 Jn 5:3; 2 Jn 6; 2 Cor 6:2; Heb 3:7-19; Ps 95:7-11;

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