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It’s Just A Matter of Time

There are many who take God’s kindness for weakness. Those who take God’s quietness, as though He has nothing to say. Those who think that because Christ hasn’t come again, that he never will. It’s true, God delays punishment for the wicked. It’s true, God speaks to us through his Word. It’s true, Christ has delayed his coming. However, God is not slack concerning his promises, and he doesn’t lie. God promised hell for the wicked, and heaven for the righteous. Like a thief in the night, it’s just a matter of time.

Eccl 8:11,12; Heb 1:1-3; Tit 1:2; Heb 6:16-19; Jn 12:48; 2 Thess 1:6-9; 2 ; 1 Thess 5:1-9; Pet 3:10-12

Step By Step

No one can absorb the entire bible in one reading, anymore than one can eat a full meal in one bite. To try to do so would choke us to death. We have to absorb the Word of God a little each day, and continue to grow, increasing in the knowledge of God. No one can remain a Christian without studying and learning the Word, anymore than we can stop eating altogether, and expect to live. We become a Christian step by step, and we remain a Christian step by step, walking by faith according to the Word of God.

Mt 13:20,21; Acts 17:11; Col 1:10; 1 Tim 4:13; 2 Tim 2:15; 2 Pet 3:18; 2 Cor 12:18; 1Pet 2:21; Rom 1:17; 2 Cor 5:7; Hab 2:4;

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