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Feast off the Word of God

Anyone who tells you that we can be a Christian without reading, studying, learning, and obeying His Word, are the same people who say that one can live here on earth without food and water__it’s impossible! The end result is that both will die very soon. If we learn the Word of Life, and obey the Bread of Life, and walk in the Newness of Life, and abide faithful for all of our life: We will have our names in the Book of Life, and obtain our Crown of Life, that we might eat of the Tree of Life, and drink of the Water of Life, and have Eternal Life with God.  Don’t lose your eternal soul: feed and water it daily with the Word of God.

1 Jn 1:1; Jn 6:35,48; Rom 6:3,4; Rev 2:10; Jam 1:12; Rev 22:1,14; Job 23:12; Ps 42:2; Jer 15:16

Let Not Your Zeal Be Quenched

Through zeal, knowledge is obtained, through apathy, knowledge is lost. The greatest weapon of Satan is not to get us to disbelieve in God, but rather to get us not to care enough to study, learn, and obey God’s Word. Mourn not them which refuse to believe in God, but rather mourn them who believe the Word, but have not the zeal to obey it. Care enough to learn and obey the gospel, and let not the fire of your zeal ever be quenched.

Mt 7:7,8; Mt 13:20,21; Acts 17:11; Rom 10:2; 1 Cor 14:12; 2 Thess 2:10-12; Tit 2:14; Rev 3:19;  Hos 4:6; Hos 6:6; Col 1:10; 2 Pet 3:18; Eph 4:13; 2 Pet 1:3;

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