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Archive for Apr. 26, 2011

Christian Beauty

The world has its measurement for beauty that is based upon the eye. It last but for a season, it fades quickly, and can be easily duplicated with make-up or plastic surgery. God’s measure for beauty is not based upon the eye, but His Word. It last forever, it never fades, and nothing can duplicate it. Let the beauty of the Lord our God shine upon all who wear His name, and do His will. Christian beauty begins when we conform to the Word of God.

Prov 31:10,30,31; 1 Pet 3:3,4; Prov 20:29; Ps 139:14; Isa 28:1; 1 Sam 16:7; Jn 7:24; Mt 23:27,28; Prov 17:3; Isa 48:10; Jer 17:10; Ps 90:17; Job 23:10; Ex 19:5; Prov 30:5; Ps 12:6; Rom 12:1,2; 2 Cor 5:17

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The Proper Christian Diet

Mankind gives us warnings to eat a balanced diet, exercise our body, and get a good night’s rest, and those who give heed are greatly benefited from the advice. How is it that when God warns us to read His Word, exercise our minds to study the scriptures, and to awake from the ignorance of sin, we heed not to His Word? The proper Christian diet begins with the Word of God.

1 Tim 4:13; 2 Tim 2:15; Heb 5:12-14; Eph 5:14-17

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